Nadopasana Irinjalakuda

(Reg. No. 18/92)

Nadopasana is a cultural organization based at Irinjalakuda, the cultural hub of Thrissur, which is the cultural capital of Kerala. Ever since its inception in 1991, this music organization has been in the forefront in promoting classical art forms, especially classical music .By regularly arranging monthly music concerts of young and up coming artistes as well as the masters in this field, Nadopasana is playing a prominent role in enlightening the masses about the nuances of classical music. In addition to this, this organization also conducts dance performances, indigenous music and seminars, lectures etc as a backup to enhance the level of understanding the art form. Moreover for the past twenty six years, every year in April this institution is organizing Sree Swathi Thirunal Dance and Music Festival to commemorate the works of Maharaja Swathi Thirunal, who was a King among the musicians and musician among the Kings.

We are conducting an All Kerala Carnatic Music Competition for young talents for the last Four years. This music competition is based on the krithis of Sundaranarayana, who hails from Irinjalakuda and who had composed more than 200 krithis on Lord Guruvayoorappan and other dietes.

Irinjalakuda is a place which has got strong affinity towards classical artforms whether it is Koodiyattam, Kathakali or Classical Music. It is the place where Unnayi Warrier, the author of Nalacharitham Kathakali was born and still today a Kathakali school is being run in his memory. The Koodiyattam maestro Ammannoor Madhava Chakyar belongs to Irinjalakuda and he worked to his best to make this ancient Sanskrit theatre to be recognized by UNESCO. He was also instrumental for the propagation of this art form in foreign land. Noted theatre personality G.Venu chose Irinjalakuda as a platform to carry on his works. N C Vasanthakokilam, the spring cuckoo, who ruled the South Indian film industry with her silken voice was born at Irinjalakuda to be migrated to Nagapattanam. Over the years the Irinjalakuda audience has been exposed to good music delivered by great musicians whether the occasion is Navarathri, Swathi Festival or Koodalmanikkam Temple Festival.

Maharaja Swathi Thirunal, who ruled the erstwhile Travancore was a multilinguist and an artist to the core. He had the special privilege of getting the name Garbhasreeman, for, even when he was in the womb he became the King of Travancore. He was a host to numerous artistes from all over India and played a role in their cultural exchange. He penned numerous musical forms of myriad hues in many languages.Irinjalakuda has got special relationship with Travancore royal family. One among the few things that Maharaja Swathi Tirunal did immediately after his coronation was to donate an elephant to Sree Koodalmanikkam Temple, Irinjalakuda. And now, the yearly music festival is conducted at a place none other than the temple premises with its structure providing a majestic backdrop and serene ambience. Another noteworthy thing is that the chief priest or the Thanthri of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple, the presiding deity of Travancore royal family, hails from Irinjalakuda.

We are thankful to all who has supported over the years for this Music Festival and Music Competition as well asfor our monthly programmes. On behalf of Nadopasana, we invite you all to enjoy for the upcoming Music events.