Terms and conditions



(Reg. No. 18/92)



Common rules

  • The competition will be held on 2nd April 2023 (Thursday).
  • There will be separate competitions for Senior Category and Junior Category
  • Senior Category aged between 16 and 25 and Junior Category aged between 10 and 15 years.
  • All participants who complete the registration and registration fee payment will be added to a WhatsApp group.
  • Participants will be allotted a chest number on the day of the competition before 9am.
  • Participant should first select any Sundaranarayana Krithi among the ones in the pdf available on our official website www.nadopasana.co.in. Then find the video of the krithi which is uploaded on the official Youtube channel Guruvayurappan Gananjali for learning the krithi.
  • Participants should sing the chosen Sundaranarayana krithi pinning the chest number on the participant's dress and record a video clip of the same.
  • The chest number and the face of the participant should clearly be visible in the video clip which is mandatory for evaluation. The video should be recorded in a smart phone and should be clear.
  • The audio should only contain the voice of the participant and shruthi. ( No accompanying instruments).
  • Participant should upload the video clip to the WhatsApp group on the day of competition (2nd April 2023) between 9am and 5pm.
  • The winners will be announced on 3rd April 2023 (Thursday) over the same WhatsApp after judgement.
  • Registration must be done online and a registration fee of Rs 400/- must be sent to the following bank account :
    Account details:
    A/c No.31620469546, IFS CODE : SBIN 0008618
  • Both male and female participants will compete in the same category.
  • Judgement of the judges and their decisions regarding the competition will be final.
  • Those who got the first position in the former years cannot apply for the same category.

Terms and conditions - Senior Participants

  1. Persons in the age group of 16 to 25 years — or those with year of birth between 1998 to 2006 — are eligible to participate. The participant should either be ungraded or not graded above the equivalent of 'B grade' by All India Radio.
  2. The Krithi has to be presented with raaga alapanam, niraval and manodharma swaram within maximum of 15 minutes in total for the presentation. We suggest the participants to choose a krithi of main ragas ( like Shankarabharanam, Thodi, Bhairavi, Mohanam etc)
  3. The winner will receive the GURUVAYOORAPPAN GANANJALI PURASKARAM and a cash prize of Rs 10,000 (Ten thousand rupees), The First Runner Up will receive a cash prize of Rs 7,500 (Seven thousand five hundred rupees) and the Second Runner Up a cash prize of Rs 5,000 (Five thousand rupees) along with a plaque and a ponnada.
  4. The winner will also be given an opportunity to present a concert at the Swati Thirunal Music and Dance Festival conducted by Nadopasana in April 2023.
  5. The winner's Guru will be awarded with a Swarna Mudra of Guruvayoorappan.

Terms and conditions - Junior Participants

  1. Persons in the age group of 10 to 15 years — or those with year of birth between 2007 to 2012 — are eligible to participate.
  2. The Krithi is NOT to be presented with raaga alapanam, niraval or manodharma swaram. Maximum time allotted for the presentation is 10 minutes. Any krithi among the ones uploaded in the Youtube Channel can be chosen.
  3. The winner will receive a cash prize of Rs 5,000 (Five thousans rupees), The First Runner-Up will receive a cash prize of Rs 3,000 (Three thousand rupees), and the Second Runner-Up a cash prize of Rs 2,500 (Two thousand five hundred rupees).

Contact Number :

9447350780 (P.Nandakumar)
9745 477 799 ( Sheela Menon)
9995 748 722 (Jishnu Sanath)
email : nadopasana@yahoo.co.in